About Me

 I  set up my first darkroom when I was 13, and have been learning and developing my work through the years.

I was born in Brazil and moved to Australia in my mid 20s, having a break from work to raise a big family of 4 children.

The work I have been doing for the past few years are with Portrait, Product and Food Photography, each type of photography has its own challenges and are incredibly rewarding.

One of the interesting parts of my product and food photography is to be able to collaborate with small business, designers and artisans and give them my support with my work.

I also have been photographing some special events, ( Baptisms, Bat mitzvah and weddings and Community Events), every occasion is a new challenge and I enjoy every opportunity to learn and enjoy the different cultures and people that I meet . For this type of work I do documentary style photography. Please contact me for details.

I am interested in working with Social / Community base organisations , where over the years I have been lucky enough to be involved in projects that promote social change.

The great pleasure I get from working in a creative field is that I  am learning something interesting with every project, be it personal or commissioned work.

I run private photography workshops were I teach photography, it is an incredible rewarding work and I have the opportunity to meet incredible people, creative minds are always inspiring me.