I run a private photography workshop once a week.

If you are a small business owner, Blogger, Stylist, or just someone that wants to be able to create beautiful images for your social media / website, I can help you to develop your photographic and editing skills, or maybe you need help setting up a workflow, a work setting for a specific type of product or job, I can give you the assistance you need.

Contact me for more details, we can discuss your particular needs and book a time.

Workshops run form 10 am to 4 pm.



Tatiana’s workshop addressed the basic mistakes I was making and helped me to understand the many ways I could achieve my goal. Tatiana explained things simply for me, was patient while I grasped her teachings and answered my many questions. Afterwards I felt confident and I was left with a plan of action.
— Kimmi, Editor of
What a seriously great day. Tailored perfectly to me and my camera, at my pace, I came to understand the principles of photography at my own pace. Tatiana was patient, full of great information and solely focused on me. This one on one type of training is so fantastic as it kept me from being overwhelmed with the new terminology and my camera. I’d highly recommend the course to anyone just beginning. So much better than doing it in a larger class of people and not having the focus on you.
— Kaya kelic
Upon coming to this course I had little if next to no knowledge of the capability of post-processing and the benefit of establishing a sound workflow.

My knowledge after this workshop had increased substantially.
However my perception of post processing and new potential for creativity grew exponentially.

For this reason I thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from Tatiana’s workshop.
The workshop has improved my capability in photography.
This has enhanced my passion for it.

Tatiana is a patient, thorough teacher.
With a most effective style Tatiana had me editing photos after only 15 minutes.

I would encourage anyone who wants to take their fulfilment from their photography to new heights to undertake her workshop.
— Peter Singer